Inclusive Sustainable Cycling (ISCycle): Inclusive E-bike Uptake and Sustainable Use

ISCycle is supported with financial contribution from the Department of Transport and the Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland under the SEAI National Energy Research, Development and Demonstration Funding Programme 2021 (Grant Number 21/RDD/736).

The ISCycle project aims to change travel behaviour through ebike loans in order to elicit modal-shift away from private car use. The research addresses three current issues in transport:

  1. The impact of e-mobility on transport use and physical activity

  2. The gender gap in active travel

  3. The impact of increased ebike usage on the environment

The potential for ebike ownership to replace private car-trips is promising but needs to be examined in the Irish context. The ISCycle behaviour change intervention will consist of the provision of ebike loans, family-friendly accessories (bike-trailers, seats etc.), safety-gear, and cycle training, along with further tailored intervention components identified through preliminary work. As well as health behaviour change, ISCycle will address additional travel related attributes, i.e., the gender data gap, inclusivity in active travel, economic constraints and associated environmental impacts, in addition to the circular economy of e-mobility associated with the decarbonisation of travel.